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activities and exploits introducing the Open Source Swan Pedalo to Manchester, coinciding with the premier of Andrew Kotting's Swandown film, being premiered at Cornerhouse Manchester on Friday 22nd of June 2012 and also Atelier zero's Olympic Huts at Piccadilly Basin

main contacts

  • John O'Shea -
  • Dave Lynch -


21st June: Maintenance/Tech @ Temple Works in Leeds

Maintenance/Tech day and rehearsals at Temple Works in Leeds - Wear warm clothes as we will partially be outside!!

Kit needed & Location & Person responsible:

Battery/ White umbrellas - Liverpool - John

Battery Charger?

Inverter - Leeds/Liverpool - Dave/Simon - have you got that other one we took up last year?

Amplifiers/Microphone/2 x Par 56 - Leeds - Steve/Dave

MP3 player for jenny's music/White suits or costumes/Wireless Mic? Steve A rope of some kind for Jenny to hold onto while singing ?? Materials for waterproof box for Marine battery / 9Volt battery / Materials for workshops / Badge materials - Wilkinsons - Camera/Tripod All who have them - Any idea for mount points? Items for Driving Test**


10AM Arrive Coffee Rundown of the day

10:30 - Make space to work and work out who will be doing what.

11: What needs doing to Grace.?

  • take off stickers,
  • Seal the hole in her head
  • Paint touch ups
  • Check underneath
  • Check axles etc
  • give her a clean and oil
  • re-apply deluxe seating
  • work out a way for Jenny (opera) to hold on - ropes?
  • Test out Jenny's Kit, Music, amps etc.
  • Make badges?
  • Prepare work sheets & check list for future maintenance days.
  • Work out camera and Audio mount points.

22nd June

Transport Grace from Leeds to Manchester Swandeliers launch Grace at Piccadilly Basin early afternoon

  • 3 or 4pm suggest video of Andrew Kotting (and friends) arriving here (if he has arrived in Manchester)

5-7pm - Atelier [zero] Launch

  • Swandeliers occupy library hut
  • present Swan Pedalo Logbook as first book for library
  • “ideas for a Swan Pedalo” washing line activity
  • begin planning for driving test
  • sign people up via twitter for Manchester Society of Swandeliers
  • signpost Andrew Kottings Swandown film and operatic performance

7.30pm - 8.30pm Swandeliers remove Grace from water at Piccadilly Basin and transport to Rochdale canal for launch here.

10.15pm - Operatic Performance at Rochdale Canal

  • after performance - swandeliers remove Grace from canal and store overnight.

23rd June

23rd June am - Swandeliers re-launch Grace at Piccadilly Basin

  • emphasis is on collaborative development of Swan Pedalo Driving Test
  • additionally people can leisure ride in Swan Pedalo - so long as they travel with someone they have not met before < Twitter hashtag #swanameet @swanpedalo
  • AND Festival artists invited down to enjoy pedalling Grace

after event Swandeliers remove Grace from Piccadilly basin and she returns to Temple Works in Leeds


  • Temple Works Leeds: Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9YJ, United Kingdom
  • Rochdale Canal, Manchester (see map below)
  • Piccadilly Basin, Manchester (off Tariff Street M1 2FJ)


list of all of the logistical elements:


to do includes:

  • pre-event maintainance and safety checks
  • insurances/licences
  • transporting the swan
  • storing the swan
  • basic equipment available
  • schedules
  • participants
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