Currentlyliv Marine hackday for Currently Organisation • Key Contact: Ross Dalziel & Amanda Steggell Currently project directors Ross 07977406552 Please Refer to this risk assessment document

Key members of the swan pedalo group Jon & Dave, time willing, will be partly responsible for overseeing specific ideas for the Swan with supervision from Ross Dalziel: It may be that only some ideas or 'hacks' are worked on practically, ideas may well only be documented as a form of design fiction but all supported by the Currently Project. • Transport Lead : Simon Derwent leading on transport and Pedalo storage assisted by Liverpool Water Sports Centre

Currently Project outline

Currently.liv is a 4 day hackspace event for invited artists interested in responding to water based/marine science and culture. This event is one part of a larger project leading toward a physical journey across the shared shelf seas between Oslo and Liverpool.

Plan/Schedule Thursday 21st March 2013

Friday 23rd March 2013

Saturday 23rd March 2013

Budget Ross has paid £268 for van hire Ross has £60 for Simon's time He also has access to a kinect for scanning with processing IDE and OFFCUT laser cutting studio available for use to all hackers.

Outcome for Grace

Open Source Swan Pedalo is meant to act as social catalyst to see how a large group of individuals can collaborate around the use of an evolving water based vehicle

We also wanted to reflect on some new and old ideas of 'cloning' grace perhaps through a form of DIY point cloud scanning and tracking as it relates to grace and semi permanent floating platforms for artworks.

Detail The idea of a mimetic 'open source practice' as it spreads beyond the specifics of software source code and into the social realm is an interesting model to inform the Currently project and the groups working on it. We see this as the primary motivation aside from Grace being a safe platform for working on water (although not on open sea water). Although we don't want to encourage the swan for hire idea, we also think Grace can be thought of as an open development platform or service to continue the analogs (spelling?) with Software development.

We also wanted to put forward or reflect on some new and old ideas of 'cloning' grace perhaps through a form of DIY point cloud scanning and tracking as it relates to grace and semi permanent floating platforms for artworks.


Documentation is vital to the Currently project and essential to its current and future funders and supporters; OSSP contributions to the will be documented to the same level.

Clearly additional documentation needs to come from the swan perspective but we are sure there will be people available to do this, and if not managers Ross Dalziel and Amanda Steggell will step in and provide this.

There is an element of show here; but more a physical presence of an idea and context; its not being presented as a public event although we plan to launch Grace at the New Brighton Marina or other accessible water if possible


• Potential for Swan to be 'ignored'.

Unlike previous projects Grace is one part of a community who have to independently drive activity and what they want to achieve through the Currently Project; not all activity will be based around the swan but space has been provided and any collaborative work on the swan will be actively encouraged and supported by Ross & Amanda. It may well be that Grace's physical presence in STATIC, a discussion point and a launch will be all that happens physically, but its affect on the group and project as a whole will be documented. We need to be aware this project is a little freeform and we need to allow risk that Grace may not be radically active in the activity though I think this is unlikely.

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