See this page for frequently asked questions regards the practicalities of handling, maintaining and transporting Grace.

Q. How do we move Grace?

A. 6 physically fit adults are required for lifting Grace at all times.

  • Two people should position towards the front, two in the middle and two towards the rear.
  • One person, towards the front, should be in charge of all lifting at any time and this should be agreed and understood by all prior to commencing lifting.
  • Persons should not attempt to lift Grace if they are injured in any way.
  • The front tends to be the heaviest part (both due to neck, pedals etc. and also potential for some onboard water) so, if there is a significant difference in strength or physical build in the team then please bear this in mind.

Q. How many people and what physical conditions do we need to get Grace in and out of the water? (access and egress.) How does that work?

A. 6 physically fit adults are required if/when lifting Grace in and out of the water.

  • Tools: Ideally a piece of old carpet would be used at the waters edge, in the situation where there is any kind of drop. This protects the vessel from damage from friction.
  • Conditions: The ideal situation is to have a launch point where a slope gradually meets the water's edge but this is not always possible.
    • If there is a drop between the edge of the towpath / jetty etc. then extra care must be taken not to damage the base of the vessel (see technique below.)
    • If at all possible, access and egress during hours of darkness should be avoided.
  • Access Technique: for lifting into water, technique is as follows:
    • Grace is lifted off of the ground and then the front is gently introduced to the waters edge and the vessel is passed forward with the water gradually taking more of the weight until only the two persons who were stood nearest the front are holding onto her. At this point, those two persons must, when they are both ready, simultaneously launch Grace clear of the edge of the shore and into the water (taking the utmost care that the rear of the vessel does not collide with the edge of the towpath/jetty etc as she goes in. It is a good idea to have a long rope on the rear lanyard point at this stage too (so that she doesn't float away!)
  • Egress Technique: for getting Grace out of the water technique is as follows:
    • Grace can be removed from the water either front or rear edge first but front is preferred.
    • 6 people, as always, are required for this lift. Two persons initially should lift Grace by the neck (not the beak) and take the weight off of the front letting the rear rest on the water. Grace is gently pulled up, out of the water, until such point that she can be tip onto the shore, using the weight of the front as a counterbalance to get the away from the water.

Pedalo Modifications

Minor modifications and points for fixing things to the swan - if modifying please remember “Respect the Swan”!

 Tripod Mount for Camera Tripod Mount for Camera

 hook eye and rope hook eye and rope

 accessory attachment point accessory attachment point

 QR Code to QR Code to

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