Night Time Operation of Swan Pedal Boat and Associated Public Realm Activities

Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Outline: Since activities are scheduled to take place after the film screening of Swandown at Cornerhouse in Manchester (approx 10pm) additional consideration needs to be given since it is likely that it will be getting dark.


  • Operating vessel on water in dark (tunnel) and night time. 
  • Poor visibility onboard vessel.
  • Vessel not clearly visible from path.

Who is at risk? Participants, stewards, volunteers, other canal users and public.

Risk Factor? Medium

Measures required to control risk:   * high power white LED lamp installed at front of vessel so that it can be seen by other canal users and water ahead is lit.   * all stewards and participants equipped with torches to light canal towpath and inside of vessel   * all stewards and participants to wear high visibility vests so clearly identifiable to public   * group leader and back marker to steward group   * emergency services aware of activity   * all stewards have mobile phones   * all designated persons wearing life-vests   * only designated persons to board vessel at any time   * only designated, briefed, persons to aid in removing vessel from water using approved method

Responsible Persons

(usually the group leader / project producer)

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