This page will be periodically updated as we successfully access new waterways and conduct new journeys in public and private contexts.



  • is it a single swan pedal boat or multiple boats?

This will be an event involving a single swan pedal boat.

  • how will this boat(s) be placed into the canal?

We have on many occassions lowered the swan onto various different points along the canal using a group of 6 people.

  • what size is the boat (how many passengers)?

The vessel is 10 foot long and 5 foot wide. It can support a maximum of 5 passengers.

  • will the boat have an experienced person in charge on it at all times?

eg The vessel will be managed at all times by myself, John O'Shea (co-director Re-Dock Community Interest Company Public Realm Art Events 5 years experience / 2 years experience operations for Open Source Swan Pedalo project including advising to BBC for Leeds and Liverpool Canal Challenge and leading on “Swan Pedalo Broadcasts” project on Barrow Canal.)

  • has access/egress to boat been considered and at what location will this take place?

eg Access/egress has been given careful consideration. Pedal boat will be carefully lowered into canal, nose first and raised from the water nose first with the aid of a lanyard. Carpet is to be placed at Canal edge to aid transit and protect vessel/launch point. (Procedure performed many dozen times in previous projects.) This will take place via access point beside Hacienda apartments and will be conducted by 6 experienced individuals on each occasion. 

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